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March 28, 2020

Pakistan Wants Ali Baba, Paypal to Start E-Commerce Services

Pakistan’s Minister for Information Technology, Anusha Rahman, is keen to see international e-commerce players such as Paypal and Ali Baba introducing e-commerce services in Pakistan to help people benefit from the global services.

She asked the Commerce Ministry at a Nov. 23 meeting to expedite and coordinate with international e-commerce players and encourage them to have their setup in Pakistan. The country’s central bank has already announced Payment System Operators (PSO) & Payment System Providers (PSP)’s to speed up the process on setting up e-payment gateway.

After years of stagnation, Pakistan’s economy is growing at a sustained pace and the government is keen to attract foreign investment, especially after security situation has approved significantly following the military operations in the tribal areas and in cities.

The Minister emphasized that it was indispensable for Pakistan to have a complete functional e-commerce gateway to act as a bridge between the merchant’s website & financial institutions for legitimate processing of e-transactions, and Ministry of IT as an enabler will continue its support for establishment of “e-commerce/e-payment gateway in Pakistan.

Anusha Rehman, said that for successful establishment of e-commerce gateway, its mandatory to have a “comprehensive e-commerce policy framework” which will have policy guidelines, rules & regulations along with dispute resolution and remedial mechanism for consumers etc.

The State Bank of Pakistan has already approved and issued four licenses to major banks for branchless banking and they have started their operations.

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