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Goodwill Messages on Pakistan’s 70th Independence Anniversary

nawaz_sharifLets work for our country’s growth and development to realize the dream of our founding fathers for a modern and prosperous Pakistan.

Pakistan has a bright economic future powered by its hard working people and a resilient democracy.

We should remember today the sacrifices of our people to  safeguard our identity and our way of life.
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Prime Minister of Pakistan

maleeha_lodhiOur 70th Independence Day marks a milestone in our remarkable journey and comes when the country is on the upsurge and is charged by the spirit and vitality to chart a brighter future.
Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi
Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the United Nations
I would like to congratulate my good friend, Mr. Siddique Sheikh, and the Pakistan American Business Association (PABA) for organizing the closing bell at the Nasdaq Stock Market to commemorate Pakistan’s Independence Day.  I am pleased to note that PABA is playing a vital role in developing trade opportunities between United States and Pakistan.
Congressman Alex Monney

This month, people all over the world are celebrating Pakistan’s Independence. That’s significant in more ways than one. There is something about independence—for a country, for a culture, and even for a people—that we long for. Those who have it cherish it, and those who don’t fight for it at all costs. That’s something that Pakistanis and Americans both understand. We value our freedom, our autonomy, and most of all, our independence.

This is a time for celebration—a time for family, friends, and community—and I’d like to take a second to recognize all the positive contributions the Pakistani American Business Association (PABA) and its members have made here in our community and throughout the Commonwealth. When folks are free to experiment, innovate, and explore, they bring about positive change in the world. That’s what independence is really about. It’s about understanding how much we can accomplish for ourselves and for each other when we are free to move forward.

Thank you for making the most of that opportunity.
With this message of peace, prosperity, and freedom, I wish you a Happy Independence Day!
Congressman Rob Wittman

Congratulations to the Pakistan American Business Association and Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, on celebrating Pakistan’s vibrant business community and 70th Anniversary of Independence by ringing the Closing Bell at the NASDAQ Exchange in New York.The Pakistan American Business Association helps grow our economy and attract a diversity of businesses from all over the world and here in Virginia.  I appreciate the opportunity to work with leaders within the Pakistani American business community like Siddique Sheikh to expand economic opportunity and help grow businesses throughout our region.  Over the past seven years, whether it was as a Delegate or a Congresswoman, I have appreciated working with our Pakistani American leaders in business, education, medicine and more, as well as having the opportunity to join our friends at many of the cultural events that are celebrated in the Pakistani American community.
Congresswoman Barbara Comstock

I would like to send my very best wishes to everyone in New York celebrating Pakistan’s Independence Day. Since independence in 1947, the people of Pakistan have worked to build a state based on the democratic ideals of the country’s founders and have played an important role within the United Nations.

I will be visiting the US very soon, including New York, and I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible while I am there.
Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

A Happy Independence Day to all the Pakistani’s celebrating across the world.
Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP
Pakistan has fought war on terror suffering  loss of lives and treasure. Resilient people. Happy Independence Day
Yasmin Qureshi, British MP

Let’s not just celebrate Pakistan’s Independence Day but work together to make our nation stronger and better through education, development and women’s empowerment. With the help of the Pakistani-American business community, we can make Pakistan’s future bright.Malala Yousafzai

Pakistan celebrated its 70th Independence Day and joining was strong of youth aged under 25 years which constitutes half of the 190 million people .. The sixth largest county in the world.  Now a democratic country, Pakistan has managed to stabilize its security and finances, shored up its reserves to all time high and has vibrant and most lucrative stock market.Most promising is Pakistan’s long term growth and development story as it is strategically located along Silk Route which is on its way to foster its transport, energy and ICT connectivity supported by large package under the China Economic Partnership.  The country has good diversity, has a range of strategic endowments, a highly resilient nations in face of political circumstances and other adversities and strong development potential that can be harnesses by right investments in diversified sectors.

Pakistan is known to have opened up its doors for foreign investment long time back and is home to some leading multinationals that added value to market capitalization of exchanges.   Given its stock markets trends and its open and transparent regulationsand its potential, the MSCI Pakistan Index has been reclassified from Frontier. Markets to Emerging Markets and the exchanges are now consolidated and regulated effectively both at the exchange and by the securities market regulator level.

Ms. Shamshad Akhtar
Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission of Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)

The vision behind Pakistan’s independence was “Freedom for all” . We must realize that freedom is a responsibility and fight to ensure that we maintain that vision.Sharmeen Obiad Chinoy

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